Coming Out of the Shadows- Rally & Reception at University of Illinois at Chicago (3/10/15)

Coming Out of the Shadows- Rally & Reception

Coming Out of the Shadows- Rally & Reception


Join us at the Quad as UIC students come out of the shadows as undocumented and supporting allies on campus. We are denouncing lingering fear as well as defying a culture of silence that disregards student voices.

We’re taking action and will not stop until we see administrative results!

Some of our asks are:
•Actual UIC policy change to support undocumented students
•Our stories to not be used only when it is convenient
•An opportunity to represent student body
•The I-word (Illegal) to be dropped
•An advisor position that helps undocumented students
•Scholarships be open to ALL UIC students
•No restriction of jobs on campus to DACA recipients

We invite faculty, staff and other students, undocumented or not, to stand with us and attend this event.

Stand in solidarity and join us!

#UndocUIC #Fearless #IdefineMyself

Co-sponsoring names coming soon.

**After stories are shared and rally ends, we will have a small reception at the Latino Cultural Center**

If you have any questions please email us at

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