43 VO*CES Art Exhibition in Milwaukee (3/27/15)




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The 43 VO*CES Art Exhibition; pays homage to the 43 disappeared normalista students from AYOTZINAPA GRO. ESCUELA NORMAL RURAL “RAUL ISIDRO BURGOS”

The exhibition aims to bring light to issues such as human rights abuses, police brutality, femicide, institutional racism, the prison industrial complex, disenfranchisement, LGBQT discrimination, unequal rights for womyn, and other forms of oppression used against marginalized communities. We want to address such issues in efforts to raise awareness and create a space that fosters community empowerment and liberation.

It will take place in Milwaukee, currently the most segregated city in the United States which boasts the highest incarceration rate among black males.

Opening day of the exhibition is March 27. Closing date is April 9, 2015.

The exhibition will consist of 43 art pieces, 23 of them produced by local Milwaukee youth and the other 20 by artists from Milwaukee and around the world.

With the help and support of Arts @ Large, this exhibition aims to promote social awareness and resistance through different artistic mediums. In addition to tackling these problems, there will also be a wide array of community building initiatives taking place during the three-week duration of the exhibition. The shared space will work towards community development through different events such as workshops, live song and dance performances, film screenings, youth meetings, etc.

If interested in sharing the space, please contact, Sebas Fuentes and Pam Nanét

(to be listed as the opening day approaches)

Christopher McIntyre Perceptions (MKE)
Salvador Vega (NJC)
Karl Reeves (MKE)
Dena Nord (MKE)
Leo Lopez (MKE)
Francis Annan Affotey (GH)
Cora Killerbrand (SWD)
Brandon Minga (MKE)

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