Prose: Why There Are No Monuments to the Indigenous Holocaust

Why There Are No Monuments to the Indigenous Holocaust for Hachivi Egar Heap of Birds, The Colorado AIM, & The People of The Sun-Albuquerque New Mexico

1.  Because :    racism is alive and well denial is a non judgemental resolution to a painful reality terrorism against the peaceful Indian nations caused by colonialism has never been brought to justice we continue to celebrate our history, ceremonies and culture and continue to believe in self defense of our poetry, songs, teatro plays are created with the blessings of our Creator, The Heart of Sky and the abundant nourishment  and beauty of our Mother the Earth we dance to the Sun in thanksgiving in order to Return the Gift and seek Spiritual Guidance

2.    in his vision as Peacemaker 8 Deer neglected to read the latest best seller book “Hernan Cortez- Was He Quetzalcoatl Returned From The East Or A Homicidal Narcissistic Maniac” he approached the Medicinal Plants his intention on his sleeve open handed face unpainted a turkey drumstick in hand with a 3 Sisters Corn Bean and Squash salad.

Sun-flash streaks struck the polished steel and brass of an alien world the rainbow reflection dazzled was imbued with the power of sleep a blinding addiction to gold, cheese whizzed corn dog, putt putt golf fever/religious excursion into Vietnam while viewing football in reclining easy chairs made of wild wild west buffalo hide holding the evening frozen dinner entrée

Royal-Blood Letting Passion the Captain now “owned” the land fancied himself steward of the occupied land

his mouth drooled at the investment possibilities leered at 8 Deers approach he would not be fooled by the loose talk of Democratic Indian Confederacies  so with the confidence of Babe Ruth at bat bottom of the 9th inning two out the score tied, the  Captain raised high the 20th Revised Edition  of Treaty Negotiations trimmed in confiscated gold leaf from Tenochtitlan Mexico Anahuac and East L.A. Califas summer BBQ baseball games

3.    From Harmonious Sky Homes thousands of years old our ancestors pierced themselves – moaned in grief

8 Deer dared address the missing pages of Indian history in the white man’s history books he sought relief – atonement

8 Deer gifted the strangers with gold, precious stones, and copal whose origin was Teotihuacan Komoztok

Maya lands to the south

Olmeca homeland dreams

Huichol sacred Peyotl

as the I Am Mightier Than You bullet made in Spain struck 8 Deer spilling thousands of years of agricultural knowledge, city planning, religion, art, literature/poetry, law and medicine onto the forest floor old woman coyote awakened to the wailing she smiled coyly dressed in her 7th Cavalry Halloween  Klown uniform trimmed in stolen Califas gold leaf braid waiting for the Dia De Los Muertos parade to re-appear on her computer screen made in China….

4.    meanwhile

the captain took the scalps took the best land and water for his golf courses, shopping malls, schools and slave plantations, slaughtered the wild buffalo by the millions for trophy in the name of high fashion back east, the captain set the animal traps by the thousands cut the forests to build the square houses by the millions named his water fountain dessert oasis housing projects

Pleasant Valley

Mountain View Fantastic

White Man Only Plateau

Salmon Run

stretched the Iron Horse Railroad through Indian Country used Chinese and Mexican non-unionized labor, introduced ambitious  lawyers, new laws, land theft, gave the captain and his family preferred status, separate drinking fountains, the best jobs, season tickets to Sooner Football games , gambling casinos, pizza pie mega-factories, beauty pageants, BINGO!  Tricky Dick Nixon World Wars I and II, flame throwers, the Atomic bomb, ageless colonialism of People of Color, rattle snake hunts for sport, Saigon Vietnamese number 10 banana splits, Columbus Day, monopoly my first automobile the Olds Chieftain named it  “Joe’s Job, the Ghetto Hood Detroit Jungle Cruiser”

the “artifacts” belonging to 8 Deer were excavated from family burial grounds in the name of science speculation plugged into airless museums for future research and anthropological guessing while back in Texas at the Flaco Jimenez Accordion Championships before jazz made its impact on the west coast the city ‘gangsta hustle of Indian Sweat Lodge Ceremonials New Wave Theological continued before each Buffalo Bill/Calamity Jane/Kit Carson/Annie Oakley/George Armstrong Custard/ combination State Fair frybread/enchilada /32 Ounce Steak Eating Challenge/Paint Ball Shooting Gallery gleefully received thhe freeze dried bones

the remains were tested marked USDA #1 using revolutionary methods of carbon dating, thermal luminescence analysis, coca cola acid reflux repeated submersion, Willow Stick Diving Rod science- the most cumbersome facts deleted due to homeland security executive privilege in a direct affront we AIM folks with no flanking movement needed to know that Andrew Jackson and Konan the Barbarian had not been the nightmarish massacre twins depicted in Indian history books we won a 6 month grant all expenses paid trip to dig up Gentleman General Georgie Custard Face’s grave to include in our Indigenous Holocaust Memorial but the grant was rescinded

5.    Savages Would Dig Up Our Kin !  the editorial headlines read across the Colonized World for out-house reading material

6.    SAY NO TO INDIANS !  posters flooded the inner cities with paranoid schizophrenia and hysteria a cherry on top

7.    Better Dead Than Red !! wagon trains filled with happy campers moved Westward Ho ! to punish the offenders

8.   Minute Man vigilante groups and Sheriff posses by the hundreds depleted the industries supply of hemp hanging rope

9.    Firewater production tripled then were slashed at the central warehouse center in Gallup, New Mexico

10    promises were made by the hundreds in lieu of food and water through The Forked Tongue Biological Experimental Center, Department of  War Mongering, Be All That You Can Be !    Indians continued to look silly in Tuxedos

11.   a United Nations resolution was passed banning spicy foods, lo rider auto insurance, pow wows and long hair on men a renewed zeal with zen proclaimed everything is everything

it’s all good

fix yourself first !

it is all an illusion

it is useless to resist !

the pathway to enlightenmentnarrowed

welfa r e    I  I n  e  s     e   x   p   a   n       d    e    a    d

cocaine was legalized for war revenue

Antique Road Show collapsed on PBS

Alaska Glazier National Park Melted

The Prez dismayed broke wind on live t.v. apologized to the nation

I. R. S. offices closed by the hundreds   baseball stadiums  rock n’ roll  floundered   died   Kicking Out The Jams !

Detroit 1492


1967  the play  was re-visited to rave reviews

100 grinning green martians soiled their par tee! dance rags then

dressed as broke republicans eating green moon commodity cheese

chased by naked angry hungry used car dealers they mourned

the loss of Eden submitted before the Ultimate God of radioactivity

from ramparts the ocean’s bright red-gold glow

the Blob came back to real life oozing

the burned pages of the NY Times….


be certain to choose your color


— Aztatl Tlalquetzqui 

2010 / 2015

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