Brief Encounter

Brief Encounter +

This is a short story

about the little engine

who could have but didn’t

the end

protected by



the national paranoia

Pat Pending (high School sweetheart)

approved by USDA






no news is good news

  1. I Object

Too Many End Tables in the world

too few re$pon$e$

A vote for u$ is a vote for you’s all

keep amerikkka hummmmiiing

and my job in tact at Fergusen, MO


the top 1 %

Diversionary Movement

  1. oh, almost forgot: The 4 izs’s

do not organize



or criticize


thank you

  1. after all it stlll is the early bird

who gets the biggest worm cholesterol

level nuclear fusion detonation and all

question: whom, prey tell is fond

of eating worms for breakfast?

soon the worms will rise at 6 p.m.  then what?


  1. some would say my thoughts are even more scattered than before

I don’t think so.  What was I talking about wich’ you ?

ahh-choo!.  Jesus’

geezus el Chuy save us

from the Lincoln Parkers

Benny And The Jets Esquivel

you thought you were immune

could not keep your thoughts off the ladies

was it you who named the spider Daddy Long Legs?

it chur ’nuff weren’t no Mexican / Chicano bato bravo


my dog wears longer legs than me


my dad was fond of using the

San Antonio Pachuco slang term

chicas patas  little feet  he drove taxi cab

when he and mom first married a todo dar

he wanted to get away from the fields

tried selling raspa from a cart my fav flavor

cherry sno cone a toda madre then he tried carpentry

until he fell off a roof on his head people say

that’s where I get my stubbornness from at age 4


the familia moved north to Dee-troit where jobs

on the assembly lines were plentiful I worked

the steel and auto plants after mom passed

at age 38 when I returned from the Air Force.


the remainder is Xikano history buried

in the archives of the projects

union organizing





                                                                            el mero mero


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