The Press is Your Enemy

"Red Scare" by Chicana artist Judy Baca.

“Red Scare” by Chicana artist Judy Baca.

“Whether or not my ideas on censorship via the fire department will be old hat by this time next week, I dare not predict. When the wind is right, a faint odour of kerosene is exhaled from Senator McCarthy.”

– Ray Bradbury

Good morning. I just want to talk a little bit about the “red scare” atmosphere right now that is quietly brewing behind the scenes. I joked yesterday about being reminded of McCarthyism due to all the thought policing going on but I am reading more and more articles and also responses from people who are pantomiming Joseph McCarthy himself and it’s creepy.

I keep hearing things like: You should never say that…OR…Do not trust these people! OR This is wrong!

And yet as I write this yet another Black teen has been murdered by the police and so was a Native American one. This is epidemic.

This morning I read an article by The Daily Beast (I know, I know) and it was titled: The Monsters Who Screamed for Dead Cops.

The current political climate reminds me of post 9/11 hysteria when everyone was pressured to be “uber patriotic” lest you be labeled a “terrorist” or sympathizer. That era saw a boon to flag sales, flag pins and things like “freedom fries,” but most importantly it saw the rebirth of the McCarthy era.

With The Daily Beast calling the protesters “monsters” you have ghost of McCarthy himself taking the mic. The hook, line and sinker to smear an entire movement are already in the headline, never mind the actual article:

“And recently TMOC has been soliciting money for the legal defense of people it calls its “comrades” who were arrested for allegedly assaulting police officers on the Brooklyn Bridge, just hours after the “dead cops” chant was recorded.”

Notice the use of the word “comrade” and how it’s used. Remind you of anyone? This is 2014 and we still have red scare baiting going on.

Then the article goes through a virtual indictment, with sources ranging from all forms of social media as if presenting evidence to the court of McCarthy.

And understand, they are presenting it in a way that serves to condemn the protesters and hang themselves via public shaming and doxxing via the press and comments.

“It would be interesting to find out more about the radicals whose slogan is “shoot back.””

Yes, “interesting” indeed…officer.

You see what they’re doing here?

Then, in a separate protest, it was discovered that it was not protesters shouting anti-cop things at all but edited video footage and a TV station who doctored the footage to make it seem that way! You want to talk about propaganda and yellow journalism? Visit any major news org currently in business today.

The tide right now is turning so that people forget that it is NOT illegal to say that you dislike or hate the police. Nor is it illegal to tell people to defend themselves. It is not illegal to be critical of the state, despite screaming pundits shouting into their cameras about being “peaceful.”

Even if protesters did shout “hands up, shoot back!” that’s not illegal. You could argue that it’s unethical but not illegal. And that’s where we’re at right now with just about everything: ethics trumping law and rights. But tell that to the pundits and talking heads calling for blood now. And “war.”

Time and again people forget that just because something is unethical that doesn’t mean it’s illegal and this is due to media spin. This is also a huge part of white privilege.

The media are calling protesters “bloodthirsty mobs” yet black men are still being murdered every day by the cops. You would never hear them refer the police as a “bloodthirsty” mob, despite statistics saying they are.

Ask yourself why an allegedly impartial media would be quick to demonize protesters but not the police? Why are they so quick to defend the state in all instances, despite damning evidence?

Because they are another arm of the state!

You might not agree with telling people to defend themselves against the state in a protest but you cannot draw that line in the sand lest we start rolling back the clock even further than it already is.

One of the basic tenants of the Black Panther/Brown Beret movement was self-defense, and this included armed self-defense against the police. Black and Brown communities taking up arms and defending themselves against attack scares the shit out of the establishment. Yet white folks in affluent communities are allowed to take up arms at the local Wal-mart without a peep from the same state.

It’s no coincidence that Assata Shakur is in the news again as all of this is going on. And you will see the press demonize her just as they have Michael Brown and countless others.

I joked the other day about Ice-T’s ‘Cop Killer’ record and how beautiful a moment in free speech history that was when it came out…and how in deep shit he’d be if he released that record in today’s political climate.

That’s how much ground we’ve lost with our voice and our freedoms. People are afraid of the freedom of expression and being put in the red lens of the media. There used to be a time when punk bands like “Millions of Dead Cops’ would hardly raise an eyebrow. Or when Ice Cube would talk about killing cops in a song for controversy. Today? Pfft…you’d have the Spanish Inquisition and it would be put on live cable news. And people online would co-sign the inquisition because they have been programmed to and forgotten the past.

Where was the press and their love letter to the feds when angry white people were gathering on state capitols with machine guns and calling for the “tree of liberty to be watered with the blood of tyrants”? Was that not a threat? Where were the articles calling those people “monsters” or “blood thirsty mobs”?

Right now, the LAPD is taking heat for celebrating the death of Michael Brown at a private party and yet the media fervor is nowhere near what it is compared to protesters chanting for self-defense. Why? Because the police are allowed to celebrate the death of Black and Brown lives and threaten them with impunity from both the state and the press. Ice-T would be thrown in Gitmo for his song today but the LAPD simply gets a finger wagging. Tsk, tsk.

You can visit any message board anywhere and go to the comment section and you will find hundreds if not thousands of comments calling for dead Black/Brown lives. Every single day. And yet, there is no outrage by the press nor are they motivated to censor those kinds of comments. They will, in fact, argue that freedom of speech applies. Cops could not care less about those kinds of threats.

You must understand that our real live freedom of speech is under attack right now and it’s coming from the State and it’s coming from the press. And it’s even coming from some of you!

You! Who would defend the state and call a work of graffiti “illegal” and “immoral”and who would be fit to repress any thought of dissent!  Why? Because you are brainwashed by the state to believe that freedom of speech or the freedom to assemble only applies to certain, privileged groups!

You! Who would call for the silencing of people who express something you do not agree with! Yeah! See social media any minute of the day with people policing other people on what to think and HOW to think!

You! Who actively participate in this live production we call 1-9-8-4!

Yes! This horrible nightmare that we exist in right now that extends its tentacles to all factions of our daily and subconscious lives with messages of: OBEY! FEAR! CONSUME! SLEEP! RESPECT AUTHORITY. DO NOT DISOBEY. BUY! BUY! BUY!

And we eat it up. We expose one another. We doxx one another. We aid the state/press in our own inquisitions. And we laugh about it.

You want to talk about a war? You got it. Forget about the streets, people are afraid to express their thoughts now! And we have congressmen, cops and reporters running around wetting themselves in anticipation of smearing people with the red stain of “communism.”

I have often argued that everything old is new again and this period in time is the Neo-50s. I have yet to be proven wrong.

And the Sony thing? Holy cow…did you catch all the buried messages of: DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO READ YOUR THOUGHTS LEST YOU BE ACCUSED OF DISSENT!! And now they have the gall to not only release their flop but have the press promote it for them for free!! How does that work?

I think way too few people realize just how far the thought police have come since 2001 and where they are headed. These are dark times, friends, and only getting worse by the day.

“THEY” were already in high gear due to McCarthyism and the CIA of yesteryear but what we’ve seen these last 15 years is unprecedented. We are indeed in Orwell’s novel now and no one can skip to the end because we don’t know how far this is gonna go!

You’re talking about a country that had “internment camps” at one point during another “wartime” so miss me with the ‘blowing things out of proportion’ commentary. You are talking about a nation that still bans books and labels them as “dissent against the state.”

Not so much has changed since the era of the red scare and that faint odor that Bradbury talks about in his quote is increasing to a high stench.

Should they find these “monster” protesters and turn them over to the “proper authorities” you have to wonder what comes next..? How far down the rabbit hole are we willing to go? How long until people end up in “camps” for “bad” thoughts and for re-education by the state?

Go ahead and call me crazy but then go read the news today. Or tomorrow. Or the next day…

“THEY” don’t just live folks, “THEY” rule with an iron fist – both digitally and in the street. And make no mistake, the mainstream press and all of its tentacles are your enemy.

Know your enemy.



Santino J. Rivera

Indie Publisher/Author
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