Una Cita Con La Vida at Self-Help Graphics (10-23-14)

Una Cita Con La Vida

Una Cita Con La Vida

Additional Sites Along 1st Street (between Cummings & St. Louis)

Corazon del Pueblo • Hardware Studio • Casa 0101

Enjoy a special October evening viewing art that honors our past loved ones. Self Help Graphics & Art is partnering with LURN, Corazon del Pueblo, Hardware Studio and Casa 0101 to install specially curated exhibitions at each community space for the purpose of highlighting the community driven work and art each organization/space provides to the community of Boyle Heights.

Art Exhibition Curated by Miyo Hernandez & Usen Gandara

October 23, 2014 – November 30, 2014

We celebrate Day of the Dead through the perspective of the living world, and don’t often think about Day of the Dead through the experiences of those from the other side. How do the Muertos prepare to walk amongst the living to rejoice the love, tears, and laughter that at one point gave life to their souls? Una Cita con La Vida is a representation of how the dead prepare for dia de los muertos through the side of the underworld. En este Día de los Muertos, l@s Almas se preparan para una cita con la vida. – Luis-Genaro Garcia

Artists: Rosanna Ahrens, Rafael Cardenas, Martha Carrillo, John Carlos de Luna, Ofelia Esparza, Fishe, Erica Friend, Miyo Hernandez, Usen Gandara, Luis-Genaro Garcia, Jose Lozano, Joshua “Kenzo” Martinez, Wayne Perry, Andrea “Xoch” Ramirez, Vyal Reyes, Jacqueline “JaxieJax” Sanders, Francesco X Siqueiros, Dewey Tafoya, Ernesto Yerena, among others…

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