#LATISM is a Lie

LATISM Defined!

LATISM Defined!

As I said earlier, there are tons of Mexican and Chicana issues right now but few Mexicanos or CHicanas talking about them. Why?

Why do we allow others to use our talking points and speak on or about our issues for us. They spread half truths and misinformation. They have no interest in our path to self-determination or having a voice of our own. They exist to exploit us the in the same way the Dems/GOP and corporations do.

Much of this goes back to defining and exposing #latism for what it really is: a marketing ploy.

What Does #LATISM Really Stand For?: How to Neutralize a Movement to the Sound of Cheers

Latino Rebels and their affiliates are a prime example of this. Why are east coast hispanics always using Mexican talking points..? Why indeed.

Hell, if you visit their site, you’d think they were a Mexican news organization. But they’re not. They’re marketers.

The same goes for all the other so-called latino news sites out there; they LOVE to speak on Mx/Chicana issues yet WE have no voice of our own.

Why? Because #LATISM is a Lie

Stop feeding the monster and allowing others to speak for you. Stop allowing these corporate boot lickers to speak for you. Stop erasing your identity.

Stand up.

Dare to Me Mexican.

Dare to be Xicana.

— Via AmeriKKKan Stories

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