Trabajador que reportó abuso laboral fue buscado por inmigración. A pesar del miedo a la deportación, un trabajador de Los Angeles reportó el abuso laboral.


We are seeking immediate support and assistance. One of our members, Ramon Mendez, had his El Monte home raided by ICE agents last week after he brought a wage theft grievance against his employer, a signatory Union company: Commercial Roofing of Arcadia. Ramon is now a fugitive and cannot return home to his wife and 4 children, or go to work.

RAMON MUST SURRENDER HIMSELF 8:00AM TOMORROW, THURSDAY MORNING, at the downtown federal building, 300 North Los Angeles St., to be processed and surrender his passport. We have verbal, but not written, agreement that ICE will place Ramon under an “Order of Supervision” (essentially house arrest) for the duration of his labor dispute. He will enter with his attorney, Noemi Ramirez, but will then go alone into the ICE processing room. We have no written guarantee of his release. WE ARE ASKING ALL SUPPORTERS TO BE ON STAND BY THURSDAY MORNING IN CASE RAMON IS NOT RELEASED BY 10AM WE WILL BE CALLING FOR IMMEDIATE MOBILIZATION AT THE FEDERAL BUILDING TO DEMAND HIS RELEASE.

We are calling on ICE to respect their”neutrality” agreement with the Dept of Labor regarding whistleblowers involved in a labor dispute. The Department of Homeland Security (ICE) should not be manipulated into providing cover for a crooked contractor to avoid paying overtime and fringe benefits. When I began investigating Ramon’s claim last summer, the Commercial superintendent passed out I-9 forms to his workers in a “safety meeting!” They already were E-verified upon hire. More than half the roofers at Commercial are probably undocumented. Beyond the temporary Supervision Order, we are seeking a more long term U-Visa to provide immediate legal status and work authorization.

We are supported here by the national AFL-CIO, L.A. County Labor Federation and the National Coalition for Immigration Rights., and several local, state, and federal elected officials. Please add your voice to help defend workers’ rights to organize, to come forward and file grievances, to be paid properly for their hard work.

Please confirm your support. Thank you. An injury to one is an injury to all! No more deportations! Legalization for all Workers!

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