Boyle Heights: STOP EXIDE From Further Poisoning Our Community; Vote YES for the Community Unity Slate for the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council (4/26/14)

On Saturday, April 26, 2014, the Boyle Heights community will find itself in an important local election that will determine its immediate future as many seats in the Boyle heights Neighborhood Council are up for grabs.

Exide Technologies, whose manufacturing and smelting of lead-acid batteries in neighboring Vernon, has been found by several state agencies to have poisoned and contaminated the air, soil, and water of Boyle Heights, is running at least two candidates in the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council.

Exide’s candidates are Victor Reveles, an employee of Exide, and his daughter Ashley Reveles, a graduate of Cal State Fullerton, who says she got a “scholarship.”

Although La Opinion (4/22/14) noted that Exide is temporarily laying off approximately 100 employees, Exide is using its corporate muscle to push its power and influence onto the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council and our community by running the father-daughter duo of Victor and Ashley Reveles.

Exide Technologies recycles over 25,000 batteries a day causing not only the environmental destruction of our community, while increasing cancer rates and other health complications for our people.

The Los Angeles Times reported (4/19/14) that “Initially, consultants working for Exide tested 19 homes in Boyle Heights and 20 in Maywood. Almost every home had levels of lead in the soil that exceeded 80 parts per million, the level at which California recommends further health-related evaluations. One home had samples above 580 parts per million.”

We must work together to stop the poisonous and hazardous shenanigans of Exide Technologies before its too late. If Exide wins one or two seats on the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council, shutting them down will be more difficult.

Boyle Heights residents and stakekholders are strongly urged to come out this Saturday, April 26th to defeat Exide Technologies and other corporate interests who want to make Boyle Heights their laboratory for gentrification, profit and death.

Notes From Aztlán strongly endorses the Community Unity Slate for the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council, which consists of longtime Chicano activist Carlos Montes, along with Erika Trevis, Luz Montoya-Ruiz, and Rafael Chagoya.

Vote YES for the Community Unity Slate

Vote YES for the Community Unity Slate

Carlos Montes, Erika Trevis, Luz Montoya-Ruiz, and Rafael Chagoya are united in working towards a healthy working and living environment for Boyle Heights. All four candidates support the shut down of Exide Technologies.

Carlos, Erika, Luz, and Rafael have supported the protection and preservation of our community’s green spaces by rejecting USC’s proposal to destroy Hazard Park. Carlos, Erika, Luz, and Rafael opposed the construction of a street in the middle of Hazard Park.

All four candidates support social justice causes, including driver’s licenses for our undocumented sisters and brothers and the elimination of car impounds and racist police checkpoints, which target the undocumented.

Who Can Vote?

If you live, work or have an ongoing community interest (volunteer, or participate in a local group), then please come out this

Saturday, April 26th from 10am-4pm
Boyle Heights City Hall Community Room
2130 East First Street, Los Angeles 90033

Vote YES for Community Unity Slate for the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council 2014 Elections:
Carlos Montes
Erika Trevis
Luz Montoya-Ruiz
Rafael Chagoya

Notes from Aztlán also URGES you to VOTE YES for the following candidates to the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council:

Vote YES for the Recommended Candidates for the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council
Community Seats: (14 open)
YES –> Erika Trevis
YES –> Rafael Chagoya
YES –> Carlos Montes
YES –> Nicole Martin
YES –> Azul Amaral
YES –> Jason Gallegos
YES –> Diana Del Pozo Mora
YES –> Vera Del Pozo
YES –> Lizzette Pérez
YES –> Phillip J. Del Pozo
YES –> Steven Cesar Almazán
YES –> Area 1 Seat: Rolando Cruz
YES –> Area 2 Seat: Rita Govea Rodríguez
Area 3 Seat: None filed
YES –> Area 4 Seat: Luz Maria Montoya-Ruiz

The Opposition!

Notes from Aztlán URGES you to VOTE NO for the following candidate to the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council: Margarita “Mago” Amador who opposes community self-determination.

Mago is a pro-police candidate (works with them, Co-chair of the Community Advisory with the local LAPD captain), has voted against all the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council motions dealing with improving the quality of life for the undocumented who work and live in Boyle Heights.

Mago’s police community group has received money from Exide, and she has blocked a number of motions that were proposed to stop the USC street extension at Hazard Park.

Mago also “lost” all the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council minutes last year then rewrote them while leaving out key motions that were taken by the group.

The community of Boyle Heights finds itself under attack by private interests and we must say Ya Basta!!!

Saturday, April 26th from 10am-4pm
Boyle Heights City Hall Community Room
2130 East First Street, Los Angeles 90033


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6 Responses to Boyle Heights: STOP EXIDE From Further Poisoning Our Community; Vote YES for the Community Unity Slate for the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council (4/26/14)

  1. Ashley Reveles says:

    Hello readers,

    This is Ashley Reveles, the above mentioned candidate for the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council. I’m not sure where David obtained his material from…but the facts are: I’m a Boyle Heights native who is an alumna of CSUF c/o 2010 however no scholarship was ever awarded to me by Excide as it is assumed here, I have the debt to prove it. These allegations of running for BHNC as “corporate muscle” for Excide is completely false and quite frankly disheartening. I’m running with no hidden agenda other than to give back to community in which I’m proud to be from.

  2. Biby Millen says:

    Es increíble que estando en este país de los cambios de la justicia y los sueños en el cual todos hemos venido para buscar una mejor vida para nosotros y nuestras familia haya gente de nuestra propia raza que invente tantas mentiras, patrañas y calumnias como suelen hacer en nuestros países y hagan las mismas jugadas bajas de nuestros políticos mexicanos para quitar del camino a la gente buena que en verdad buscan lo mejor para nuestras familia y comunidad y estén abanderando una campaña contra una familia (Reveles ) que como nosotros a pasado por tantas dificultades y a salido a delante con mucho esfuerzo y a base de mucho trabajo. Ellos también sufrieron como todos nosotros durante la resección. perdieron su casa y trabajo pero no la dignidad y las ganas de trabajar duro y seguir adelante. como todos nosotros los inmigrantes que venimos a este grandioso país y solo por el hecho que El ( Victor Reveles ) trabaja en ( Exide ) una empresa que se encuentra en problemas sea juzgado solo por ser un empleado de dicha compañía trabajando duramente día a día para ganar el sustento que lleva a su hogar y mantener honradamente a su familia . ¿Es que ahora uno es juzgado por el lugar donde uno trabaja y no por lo que uno Es? Y para rematar también son difamados sus hijos y la integridad de ellos.¿ que podemos esperar de esta clase de personas que difaman a su propia raza ?como dice este dicho popular ( para que la cuña apriete tiene que ser del mismo palo ) y este grupo de personas de nuestra raza esta haciendo todo este conplot Para desacreditar la campaña de Victor Reveles y su hija Ashley Reveles por que tienen miedo ( Carlos ,Erica,Rafael y Luz ) que el duo Reveles nos abran los ojos de lo que en verdad esta pasando Victor Reveles y su hija solo quieren lo mejor para nuestra comunidad señores y señoras en nuestras manos esta el cambio.

  3. doelorez mejia says:

    Gracias to “NOTES FROM AZTLAN” for supporting ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICIA & denouncing CORPORATE CHEERLEADER PROVOCATEURS from EXIDE TOXIC TECHNOLOGIES in the CITY OF VERMIN! These two Reveles characters were never seen @ the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council before they foolishly thought they could run for office! Oh, except for the day of the BHNC election when the REVELES GANG showed up & Victor’s BULLY SISTER accompanied by VICTOR himself, physically attacked, injured & threw down to the floor a GET OUT THE VOTE VOLUNTEER, a young lady who also supports ENVIRONMENTAL & HUMAN RIGHTS! A police report was filed, but of course, HOLLENBECK POLICE DEPT. is a beneficiary of EXIDE TOXIC TECHNOLOGIES, so no charges filed! But at least in the matter of BHNC Elections, justice has prevailed & we successfully protected our council from “HAZARDOUS HUMAN WASTE”- even if that POLICE MERCENARY “Mago” was not defeated, she still has to SUFFER IN SHAME for all her IGNORANCE & ARROGANCE! I always like to give people the opportunity to do the right thing, but not for the wrong reason! ABAJO CON EXIDE TOXICOS! ARRIBA CON BOYLE HEIGHTS! VIVA “NOTAS DE AZTLAN”!

  4. Cristy says:

    Dolorez eres parte d lo que da verguenza tener en Boyle Heights, tu presencia no aporta nada bueno a nuestra comunidad, empezando x,tu aspecto y terminando por tu manera d expresarte y tu falta de respeto hacia el projimo. El Padre John deberia d hacer una obra d caridad contigo, mandandote a clases de comportamiento pork al parecer no fuiste a la escuela y en tu casa no t educaron.
    Si nos pusieranos a investigar lo k a sudo tu vida, kien sabe que tanta escoria encontrariamos pork tienes un aspecto k da mucho d k hablar, nada educada pareces.
    Creo k estas envidiando bastante a los Reveles, pero no x k no los mires de re manifestaciones como Tu significa k no son miembros activos d la comunidad. Ellos tiene una buena en la cual su mundo gira al rededor d lo productivo mas nl d lo

  5. Cristy says:

    Mas no d lo negativo, asi k ya deja d hablar tanta tonteria y calmate porfavor, t puedes meter en serios problemas x difamar a la gente.


    • doelorez mejia says:

      NEVER TRY TO REASON WITH FOOLS like Christy or like the Reveles, who behave like Money Mercenaries that could care less where their money comes from, not so different than street thugs that threaten, exploit & abuse anyone or anything that interferes with their hustle. EXIDE Toxic Technologies is not the kind of company you want to brag about or defend. IN FACT, they are currently under CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION by a GRAND JURY, so perhaps we can direct the comments from Christy to the investigators since she is threatening me on behalf of these vulgar EXIDE associates. As for my recognition of Indigenous Ancestry, ESPANOL is just another foreign language from another predatory culture that invaded ANAHUAC, so yes I am somewhat fluent in BOTH FOREIGN LANGUAGES, ENGLISH & SPANISH, but more to the point, WE SHOULD BECOME MORE FLUENT IN THE SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE OF LOVE~ FOR OURSELVEs, OUR PEOPLE, OUR COMMUNITY, OUR CULTURE , OUR LAND, WATER, AIR & ENERGY THAT SUPPORTS ALL LIFE FORMS, INCLUDING YOU & I, TU Y YO, SOY TU OTRO SER, Y TU EL OTRO MIO! Una obra Maya, cual que si nos enfocamos en cuidar un al otro en vez de pelear uno al otro, escucharemos lo que es INDIGENA! Todo para Todos, Nada para Nadie! Does that work for you?

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