Women of the Zoot-Suit

Women of the Zoot-Suit

Women of the Zoot-Suit

In 1942, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) launched an all-out “war on crime” that systematically ended up targeting Chicana/o youth. Under such conditions & despite lack of evidence on August 1942, twenty-two Chicanos were arrested & charged with murder in what is known as the Sleepy Lagoon Case. Forgotten in history is the fact that Chicanas were also arrested. Dora Barrios, Frances Silva, and Lorena Encinas (pictured) were initially arrested & a total of eight Chicanas were charged by the juvenile court system with the crime of “rioting” thus declaring the girls wards of the state & sent to the Ventura School for Girls. Even after the case was dismissed & the boys freed, the girls remained in the system until they turned 21.


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