Ray Romero of the Philadelphia Eagles (1951)

Ray Romero of the Philadelphia Eagles (1951)

Ray Romero of the Philadelphia Eagles (1951)

The Pride of Kansas, Ray Romero, was born on December 31, 1927 in Wichita, Kansas to Mexican parents from Chihuahua and Guadalajara. Ray attended North High School where he excelled in both football and wrestling. Ray won a scholarship to Kansas State University (1947-1949).

After graduating from Kansas State and receiving Honorable Mention in the All-Big 7 Conference team, Ray was not chosen in the 1950 NFL draft. Nevertheless, Ray attended the Philadelphia Eagles training camp and made the team as a free agent for the 1951 NFL season.

Ray played offensive guard for a short period. In twist of irony, Ray, despite making the All-Big 7 team at Kansas State was not drafted by an NFL team, yet at the start of the Korean War, Ray’s selective service number came up and he was drafted by the Army, who ordered Ray to report to duty.

Ray’s NFL career was cut short. Ray played football for the Indiantown Gap Army Team. Upon his discharge, Ray returned to the Eagles, and was excited for the chance to play alongside his brother who had just been drafted by the Eagles in 1953.

A week after signing a new contract with the Eagles, Ray was released and did not get a chance to play. Ray’s brother was also released by the Eagles before the season began. Eventually, the Romero brothers tried out for the Chicago Bears the following season and both made the team.


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