Chicano Power Explained (1970)

Brown Berets

Brown Berets

Chicano Power is not white reform, but it is a thought that cries for self-determined community. So far, the cries for “Chicano Power” are being prostituted by politicians and poverty programs. Chicano Power is not American politics, and does not mean more poverty programs.

So far the great many poverty programs that do exist in our barrio, have bought off frustrated members of our community for $1.25 per hour. They have bought off the potential leaders of our community for twenty dollars a day, so that these people will forget the hurt of the people. Poverty programs have pacified thousands of potential Chicano activists.

Poverty programs are the answer to keeping people in poverty and are not the answer to change

The Democrats, the Republicans are both racist institutions of American government. Politicians have prostituted “Chicano Power” for their own self-advancement. We have had politicians for 25 years, Roybal, Alex Garcia, Dr. Nava, and there is still no change! American politics is the answer for career positions for a few individuals, and is not the answer for change.

American Politics plays a career game for the individual where he must commit himself to twenty years, of political commitment with good and bad, therefore, he being part of corruption is being corrupted. And once the politician is elected, the motions he can make in legislature, are limited and are usually voted down by racist anglos who control American Politics.

Chicano Power is not American politics and is not poverty programs.

CHICANO POWER IS DIRECT POWER, through a source of community action, Chicano Power is a thought that cries for self-determined community.

(An excerpt from Chicano Power Explained, written for Chicanos ONLY, by David Sánchez, Prime Minister of the Brown Berets, circa 1970).



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