Chicana Brown Beret at La Marcha de la Reconquista (1971)

Chicana Brown Beret at La Marcha de la Reconquista (1971)

Chicana Brown Beret at La Marcha de la Reconquista (1971)

On May 5, 1971, the Brown Berets and the Chicano Moratorium Committee organized La Marcha de la Reconquista (A one-thousand mile march from Calexico to Sacramento). The political march and rally was organized as a way to demonstrate the grievances of the Chicana/o community. The march would cover approximately 1,000 miles in three months.

The march began in Calexico. It went through several Chicana/o barrios, such as El Centro, Brawley, Calipatria, Niland, the Salton Sea, Mecca, Coachella, Indio, Indian Wells, Palm Springs, San Jacinto, Redlands, Casa Blanca, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, McFarland, Fresno, Mendota, Merced, and Stockton.

The march ended with five days of organized protest in Sacramento. The key issues were farmworker’s rights, better education for Chicanas/os, the over-reaction of the state capitol riot police, welfare rights, and prison reform.


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