César Chávez: “Nonviolence is the Only Weapon”

César Chávez: “Nonviolence is the Only Weapon”

César Chávez: “Nonviolence is the Only Weapon”

Senator Robert Kennedy made his second trip to Delano, California on March 10, 1968 to meet with United Farm Workers (UFW) leader César Chávez who was ending a twenty-five day fast to reaffirm a commitment to non-violence and a call to sacrifice for the bourgeoning Chicano Movement.

César Chávez would later elaborate on his tactics for non-violence as the only weapon for mass mobilization:

Our nonviolent direct action program has as its objective not the creation of tensions, but the surfacing of tensions already present. We set out to precipitate a crisis situation that must open the door to negotiation. I am not afraid of the words ‘crisis’ and ‘tension.’ I deeply oppose violence, but constructive crisis and tension are necessary for growth…To cure injustices, you must expose them before the light of human conscience and the bar of public opinion, regardless of whatever tensions that exposure generates.”

The César Chávez film opened nationwide on March 28, 2014.


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