Ann Marie Cataño Wrongfully Suspended by Monte Perez & LA Mission College


Moderator’s Note: Those of you who have been following our blog posts the past few days are aware of a great injustice being perpetrated against a courageous young mother and college student by the name of Ann Marie Cataño.

This is an urgent and time sensitive matter. I am posting a link to the on-line petition website in support of a petition to Dr. Monte Peréz, President of Los Angeles Mission Community College.

The petition calls on President Peréz to reinstate Ms. Ann Marie Cataño, a student wrongly suspended due to courageous activism that has focused needed attention on the continued violation of students’ first amendment rights and harassment by administrators, campus police, and other college staff.

I need all of my readers and followers to follow the link below and sign the petition so that we can restore democracy on campus and help Ms. Cataño pursue studies at UC-Berkeley, where she has been admitted pending resolution of this suspension so she can competed her AA degree.

Chicana/o students, free speech, and higher education

Drop the Charges on Ann Marie and reinstate her to the LACCD

Petitioning Monte Perez

Petitioning Monte Perez










Ann Marie Catano was wrongfully suspended from Los Angeles Mission College on February 21, 2014. She is a student activist who has fought tirelessly to advocate for student rights. Upon doing investigative journalism for an independent student newspaper, La Misión, she was immediately suspended for exercising her freedom of speech and right to assemble.

On March 21,2014, President Monte-Perez upheld his decision for suspension and as a result Ann Marie was not only suspended from ALL 9 community colleges in the Los Angeles Community College District, but two of her children were also removed from the child development center at the college.

Ann Marie has been an asset to the school by advocating for student rights as well as fair and equal treatment of students and faculty at LAMC. This would have been her last semester before transferring to a university.

By supporting this petition you are supporting free speech and the right to assemble in the United States. You are also supporting Academic Freedom and acknowledge that students like Ann Marie should not be punished for exercising their constitutional rights, especially in schools where critical thinking should be encouraged.

Please take a stand and let the LACCD know that fair and unequal treatment will not be tolerated! Student activism is a necessary component to the educational system and students should be encouraged to move forward not punished and intimidated!


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