Mujeres de Maiz 17th Anniversary

17th Anniversary 
The series of performances and public programs cultivating Spiritual ARTivism in honor of Women’s Herstory month CONTINUES…


Poetry Procession

Friday, April 11th, 2014 


Starting at El Pino 

to Mariachi Plaza                              


Cherrie L. Moraga,

Gloria Enedina Alvarez,

Venela Flagg,

Annette Cruz,

Jessica Ceballos,

Jo Anna Mixpe Ley,

Iona Cano, Luivette Resto,


Celia Herrera Rodriguez ,

DJPapalotl Xochitl Malinal Coyolxauhqui,

and more!!

 Featuring Music: Bree Salazar & Franco Funktion

Guestimated Schedule:

Beginning @ El Pino 5pm (Indiana/ Folsom St.)

Poets Joanna Mixpe Ley & Venella Flagg

• 5:30pm: 5 Puntos -Lorena/Cesar Chavez

Poet Luivette Resto

• 5:50pm: Evergreen Cemetery First St./Lorena

Poets Jessica Ceballos & Bree Salazar (music)

• 6:20pm: Mott/First st. Buddhist Temple

Poet Iona Cano

• 6:30: Train station: Soto/ First st.

Open Mic

• 6:50: park on 1st/ Chicago

Poet Annnette Cruz

• 7:10pm: Corazon Del Pueblo Selia/Cyn da Poet

• 7:30pm Mariachi Plaza

Poets Trini Rodriguez, Gloria Alvarez, Cherrie Moraga, and Franco Function(Music) and DJ Papalotl Xochitl Malinal Coyolxauhqui

There will be a short open mic, as we are on a tight schedule.

Please come open to write your intentions we will supply the Sharpies. Candles will be available as your medium.

We will make magic!

Ofrenda or “offering” with our words/song/ voice. we walk this path a someone integral path of the city stopping at historical places and we read,sing our offering we make an exchange; we offer it to the city, to the people that inhabit it, we speak our peace and we leave it there and we move forward. We take some of the city; the energy of the people that build it the sounds of life that live in it.

Special thanks to the Boyle Heights Farmers’ Market

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