The Adelitas Role in El Movimiento: Orange County Brown Berets (1971)

The Adelitas Role in El Movimiento

Orange County Brown Berets


Chicana Brown Berets

Chicana Brown Berets

Chicanas have always been involved in every movimento, every Revolution our Raza has had.

You know it was a Mejicana who helped start the Mexican Revolution [Independence Movement] in 1810. The first person hung in Califas or should we say lynched, was a Chicana who killed a gavacho who had raped her.

So you can see our Raza has always needed Chicanas and we are needed even more in this Revolution. Chicanas are needed to stand by their men: to encourage them, and at times where it calls for, physically assist them.

But the girls in the Brown Beret movement, have they been given the opportunity of working for their Raza instead of just working for the Beret guys? It is true that the most logical of anyone in the organization to do work such as washing dishes, cooking, etc., are the girls but this shouldn’t be the only reason why girls are to be allowed to join. The girls dedicate their lives for their Raza just as much as the guys do. As our Prime Minister, David Sánchez, has stated, in his work, “The Chicano-Gringo War:” “The women and children can educate the not yet educated people as to the critical need for the defense of La Raza…The women can support the Brown Berets in every way possible. The women can fight just as good as a man, if she wishes,” But like we said they should not only be allowed to support but also to participate. There are many ways a woman can participate actively in the organizatlon.

David points out one when he states that “women can fight just as good as men,” which is very true. Women can also be given the responsibilities of organizing and keeping up offices, taking care of financial matters, working with the community, etc. With these areas already taken care of by the women, men can get down to business.

But one thing that should be enforced this time so that another incident does not take place such as the one that occurred with the girl Berets in the Los Angeles chapter and the free clinic is discipline. Discipline applies to every Beret in the organization regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman. If a rule is broken the person responsible for breaking that rule should be disciplined.

Another things that should be impressed or if possible stamped in the minds of every guy Beret is RESPECT. The guys are expected to respect the women as Berets and as women. As mentioned in the Brown Beret 8 Points of Attention #7, “do not take liberties with women.” This includes Beret women.

We would like again to quote someone whom we respect and admire greatly: “It is necessary that you talk to every potential Chicano who crosses your path. Every Chicano that you might miss is a potential enemy.” You are alienating many Chicanas and are making a lot of enemies by refusing them the honor of working for their Raza. Think about it machos!

The Chicanas in the Berets and outside the Berets are the Adelitas [female revolutionaries during the Mexican Revolution of 1910] of this Revolution. And in order to have a successful Revolution you must have full involvement from both the Chicanos and Chicanas.

Like we said before there are certain things women can do, and be effective that guy’s can’t. For example its going to be up to the Adelitas to get ourselves together. Adelitas can be a great Asset not only to the Berets but the Revolution as a whole.

There are many things that can be said about this subject. But before we get too far into this article we’d like to try to abolish the stereotypes of Brown Women and what they’re supposed to be good for. Such stereotypes include: the feeling that,

  • 1. “A woman is only good for making love to.”
  • 2. “All women should do is stay home, wash dishes, cook and clean the house.”
  • 3. “Women don’t rap as good as men; they aren’t as heavy regarding the movement, and they don’t command the respect of their peers.”
  • 4. “Women shouldn’t be allowed to do community work; the work should be done by men.”

These stereotypes are the by-products of deep-macho hang-ups. They refuse to believe that women have the intelligence to do community work, to organize Chicano organizations, just as good as, if not better, than men.

We really don’t blame Chicanos for feeling that women are inferior. The Chicano family structure teaches the men to be the leaders while the women are taught how to do household chores and to think in terms of the day when they will be married.

And we’re not talking about women’s liberation because, like that’s not ours–that’s a white thing–we’re talking about our Raza’s Liberation and in order to get our Raza liberated we all have to work together within our Raza.


Orange County Brown Berets


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4 Responses to The Adelitas Role in El Movimiento: Orange County Brown Berets (1971)

  1. Bianca says:

    If you don’t mind me asking where did you get your sources? I’m doing some research on the Brown Berets and I’m having a hard time finding information on the women of the Brown Berets.

    • admin says:

      Check Dionne Espinoza’s work on the Brown Berets. In particular check the title –> “Revolutionary Sisters”:
      Women’s Solidarity and Collective Identification among Chicana Brown Berets in East Los Angeles, 1967-1970.

    • louis morales says:

      if you find out let me know ,,,,,, the new generation of brown berets ,,join us

    • louis morales says:

      bianca ,reach out to us ,the new generation of brown berets , puro chicano

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