Aztlán Reads Response to the Astro-Turf Group known as Latino Rebels

Aztlán Reads was founded in 2011 with the idea of creating a unique Xicana/o-Mexicana/o cultural literary and political space for people using social media.

From its inception, Aztlán Reads has been a counter-hegemonic voice designed to counteract claims by Euroamericans, Hispanics and Latinos that Xicanas/os-Mexicanas/os are a relic of the past.

As Xicanas/os-Mexicanas/os, we assert our right to self-determination and oppose any efforts to silence our voices, as well as those that attempt to erase our history.

Earlier this afternoon, on the historic 45th Anniversary of the Tlaltelolco Massacre, we received a comment to one of our posts on Aztlán Reads: “Setting the Record Straight: How Julio Varela of Latino Rebels Uses Marketing Gimmicks to Exploit the Mexican Community” from none other than Julio Varela of Latino Rebels fame.

In condescending colonial language he stated the following:

“Quien quiere mentir, engaña y el que quiere engañar, miente.” Mateo Alemán

Gracias por compartir mentiras y por su deseo de engañar. Los que quieren engañar con intentos de destrozar seguirán siendo mediocres. Le invito a seguir siendo mediocres. La verdad es que no importa. Pueden seguir el intento de engañar porque revela su carácter como unos falsos. Que vivan los falsos. El odio, basado en mentiras, nunca gana.

Not once did, Julio Varela refute any of the claims made by the Think Mexican blog. As usual, Julio Varela resorted to his old tactics when confronted about his business agenda and sidesteps what is obvious: Julio is a businessman with a strong acumen for marketing who is merely seeking to build his personal coffers by tapping into what supposedly is a $1 trillion market in the so-called “Latino” community of which Mexicans are the largest of the group.  His business model is based on exploiting the Mexican culture.

Furthermore, Julio is not, has never been nor should he ever be mistaken for a community activist fighting for self-determination. Julio has worked for Corporate AmeriKKKa that has not benefitted the community at all.

It has already been noted several times how Julio Varela steals articles by copying and pasting from other sites. By far, Latino Rebels is the Latino Huffington Post.

As has been documented several times before on other sites, including the article in question in Aztlán Reads, Julio Varela and the astro-turf pan-Latino “organization” of Latino Rebels is pure and simple a marketing gimmick that falls under the auspices of another astro-turf social media “organization” known as Latinos in the Social Media (LATISM).

Julio Varela, Latino Rebels, LATISM and other Hispanic/Latino social media sites are a marketing ploy created by several Euroamerican and Hispanic Entrepreneurs, such as William Shepherd and Jack Yan of the Multicultural Branding Consultancy (MBC) and Charlie García, a marketer and businessman who brings to the Latino Rebels a political ideology “formed at the U.S. Air Force Academy in the mid-West” and “in the jungles of Central America teaching counter guerilla warfare to militaries trying to shake off communist insurgencies in the 1980s.”

Anyone with a sense of history will know that the Euroamerican imperialist military has been used on Indigenous lands since 1492 through active genocidal campaigns and for the Latino Rebels to openly market their ideology as based on Euroamerican military strategies is a blatant insult to the Xicana/o-Mexicana/o community as well as a continuation of 517 years of genocide.

More to the point, Julio Varela uses his influence to distort the history of Xicanas/os-Mexicanas/os, co-opts ideas and stories from others then use them as his own all while pacifying Raza in the social media by promoting assimilation and integration.

Aztlán Reads will not allow itself to be called a FALSO or MEDIOCRE by a Hispanic marketing group. If anyone is a FALSO, a MEDIOCRE and a VENDIDO it is the Latino Rebels, Julio Varela, and the entire astro-turf group of LATISM.


— from Aztlán Reads

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