Through the Eyes of a Lens: Art Meza Photographing the Chicano Lowrider

For those of you that have been following Aztlán Reads since its inception in 2011, you are very well aware of the work of Art Meza, a Chicano photographer extraordinaire based in Los Angeles.

photograph by Art Meza

photograph by Art Meza

As you know, Art Meza’s lowrider photography may be purchased for personal use or as gift for family and friends.

I am thrilled to report that you may now purchase high quality t-shirts featuring Art’s photography.

New high quality lowrider t-shirts available for purchase from Art Meza

New high quality lowrider t-shirts available for purchase from Art Meza

Through the eyes of a lens, Art has splendidly captured the beauty and history of the Chicano lowrider through different angle shots that not only highlights the craft of photography as an art form but it allows us (the viewer) to (re)discover the Chicano lowrider as the Pachuca/o may have envisioned it back in the 1930s and 1940s.

With the exception of a few studies in Chicana/o Studies, the appearance of several stereotypical Hollywood images, and a surprising affinity for the lowrider in Japan, the Chicano lowrider has largely remained outside the grasp of mainstream American society.

And this is a good thing because Art Meza has reclaimed the lowrider for our community through images that empower and reflect the history of the community.

Art has taken the lowrider phenomenon to new artistic levels, while keeping the authenticity of La Chicanada intact. Art’s photography blends the Chicano artistic aesthetic of letting his images speak for themselves.

‘Lowriting: Shots, Rides & Stories from the Chicano Soul!’ is scheduled to be published very soon by Broken Swords Publications. This new book will feature the photography of Art Meza along with some amazing poetry and essays related to the Chicana/o lowrider.

For more information:
– Instagram @Chicano_Soul
– Etsy shop is

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