Save Hazard Park! Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council Board Meeting at 6:15 pm (August 28)

Save Hazard Park!!!

Save Hazard Park!!!

Boyle Heights NC General Board Meeting
Boyle Heights Senior Citizens Center
2839 E 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90033

Save Hazard Park!!!

The Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council will be voting on the USC Health Science campus proposal to extend Norfolk Street on Hazard Park!

Please attend and express your opinion supporting the motion to say No to the street extension.

Here is the motion:

HAZARD PARK Community Impact Statement (CIS)

WHEREAS, the residents are concerned with the increase of noise, traffic and pollution of the proposed Norfolk Street extension; The project will destroy a portion of a natural historic stream wetland; Green and open space is rare in Boyle Heights, this would eliminate it; The project would require a new street light near Lancaster Street;

Park is used by residents for recreation and refuge; the project would diminish the tranquility and peace; City of LA has constructed a multi-lane street access on Alcazar Street and Soto, giving easy and fast access to the USC Health Campus;

BE IT RESOVLED, that the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council: Oppose the proposed Norfolk Street extension, and send this CIS to the LA City Council; and call on LA City Councilmember Jose Huizar, to oppose the Norfolk Street extension.

Cultural Sovereignty

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