Eva Longoria and her “Degree”

I realize I’m in the minority here but I hope that people are just as excited when non-celebrity gente graduate with degrees in Chicano/a studies, because there are a lot of them and most of them will continue to do actual work to help out, give back and NOT shit on the history.

Most of the time I see people turn their noses up or say shit like: Why Chicano studies..? What are you going to do with that?? But I guess things are different when you’re famous. You get props from The Tonight Show even. Take that Arizona…

Chicano/a studies is a discipline, which I might add, that is still illegal in some states and challenged in many others. The books are still under fire and yes, still banned.

But a popular celeb gets a CHS degree (to provide some cushion for her entertainment ventures) and everyone falls down over themselves to fawn over her while kids still struggle without books, schools or teachers – and the media and politicians continue to demonize them for it.

But not her.

Fuck that.

So, hooray. Way to go…rah, rah. Hopefully CSUN got something out of the deal because the whoring out of the program is nauseating at this point when you consider in how much deep shit CHS really is, how many kids are still struggling and how backwards all of this is.

Let’s see her put all that Chicano/a knowledge to work now…forgive me if I don’t hold my breath.

— by Santino J. Rivera

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