Opportunities for Building a Better Foundation with Chicana/o Studies

The following were the Opportunities for Building a Better Foundation with Chicana/o Studies that MEChA de CSULA presented to the Department of Chicana/o Studies at a meeting in early March. We are awaiting for resolution of the first four basic concerns, which Chicana/o Studies can easily implement.

MEChA de CSULA is planning a Community Platica on Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 6:30pm in the Los Angeles Room in the University Student Union at Cal State LA. A flyer is posted here and at aztlanreads.com

MEChA de CSULA requests your support.

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Opportunities for Building a Better Foundation with Chicana/o Studies 

April 2, 2013

1). Chicana/o Studies must have student(s) representation at its faculty meetings.

2). Chicana/o Studies must create a Wall of Resources (Bulletin Board) near the department office to facilitate communication with students and community.

3). Chicana/o Studies must send out weekly announcements of CHS department news, scholarships, and events to its students. Communication is essential to restoring the academic legitimacy and communal spirit of CHS. There have been many events that are announced in class, but it’s not sufficient to maintain communication with current and former students of CHS.

4). Chicana/o Studies must update its department website weekly. Chicana/o Studies must have a strong web presence in order to recruit students to its program as well as to keep current students informed of scholarship opportunities, campus and community events, etc. Facebook is not a professional tool nor sufficient means to attract students to CHS.

Summer 2013

5). Chicana/o Studies must provide a statistical chart of Raza graduation rates on campus and of Chicana/o Studies Department students (major and minor).

6). Chicana/o Studies Department must have an Open Door policy for students, parents, and community and work towards establishing an Open House in the Fall & Spring of each academic year.

7). Chicana/o Studies must provide an itemized budget of its operations to ensure that our resources are being properly utilized.

8). Chicana/o Studies Department must survey students (majors & minors) once a year at least about academic needs.

9). Chicana/o Studies must create a research library for Chicana/o Studies students (majors and minors) for academic research purposes. CHS needs a study center for students. Chicana/o Student Resource Center is not sufficient to meet the needs of students.

10). Chicana/o Studies must facilitate the (re) establishment of the Chicana/o Studies Alumni Association to help facilitate the establishment of sister-schools, such as UNAM to help build study abroad programs to connect the educational struggles of Aztlán with those of our sisters and brothers in Tenochtitlán.

Fall 2013

11). Chicana/o Studies classes must be offered throughout the day. CHS classes should not be heavily loaded in the morning or evening, but classes should be spread out throughout the day to give all students the opportunity to take a course offering. CHS classes must be for the benefit of students not for the convenience of the professor.

12). Chicana/o Studies classes must not be offered simultaneously. There must be no two classes at the same hour in order to avoid having working-class students wait unnecessarily until next quarter or next academic year. CHS classes must be for the benefit of students not for the convenience of the professor.

13). Chicana/o Studies classes must be offered more than once an academic year to assist students in graduating a timely manner. CHS classes must be for the benefit of students not for the convenience of the professor.

14). Chicana/o Studies must make every effort to ensure that it retains autonomy in cross-listed courses to maintain its legitimacy in classes that are obviously Chicana/o oriented course offerings.

15). Chicana/o Studies professors must extend faculty office hours to help support the academic needs of students. Faculty office hours must be for the benefit of students not for the convenience of the professor.

16). Chicana/o Studies must facilitate the creation of a graduate student taught class to ensure that the theoretical foundations learned in CHS may be applied to real-life classroom situations under the guidance of a professor. CHS graduates must have the opportunity to apply their knowledge so that employment opportunities within CHS go to actual graduates of CHS.

17). Chicana/o Studies must work towards securing funds to hire Chicana/o Studies students as paid and non-paid interns within the department. The legitimacy and longevity of CHS is dependent upon those students who are passionate about CHS and have demonstrated a skill level necessary to positively produce results for the benefit of CHS.

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