from the heart of aztlán

stories from the heart
of aztlán
before we met in this
crucible of love.
breathe slowly
close your eyes
open your soul
to this ancient verse
spoken from a
sacred tongue.
the spark of
your spirit
resonates with the sound
of beating drums. a broken
the moon.
the sun.
the desert. the valley.
the cactus. the eagle. the serpent.
the myth is real. the
stories from
aztlán is where
the resistance begins.
beating heart
like an ancient drum
the warrior spirit
etched in your corazón
luz y amor
with tonantzin by your side
we travel hand in hand
destined for destiny
open wound
healed by an
open heart
soaked in love
purified by rhythmic
luz y amor
tranquilidad al corazón
manifesting in deep thought
and coatlicue calls
and you listen to the voice
that softly calls your name
in rhythmic patterns of
revolutionary love.

cultural sovereignty

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