Ron Gochez opening remarks at the Southern California Immigration Coalition Press Conference (1/22/13)

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One Response to Ron Gochez opening remarks at the Southern California Immigration Coalition Press Conference (1/22/13)

  1. Larry Nathanson says:

    All illegal aliens need to be deported or put in prison – Yes, they broke the law and are active criminals whom have not paid for their crimes against America and her legal citizens. I have read so many stories of in the past 30 years regarding illegal aliens whom have killed other during robbery, driving drunk having no drivers license and no insurance, gang members terrorizing neighborhoods, smuggling drugs, humane trafficking, mooching off the Federal, State, County and City Governments, mom’s raising five or more kids with no father or means of support and lastly, the generation of special interest groups that prey on illegal aliens illegally earned moneys. President Ronald Reagan gave amnesty which did not fix anything. Americans need to put up an impenetrable fence to solve this problem once and for all. If these illegal aliens had any balls they would just go home and fix their own country, even if it means bloodshed. American’s did not shed their blood to sweat just to take care of moochers and bottom feeders which is costing me huge amounts of MY legally hard earned money. We don’t need your kind [Not referring to Race] here in America as you don’t believe in self-sufficiency and small government. The other day a Mexican women came into my Dental Practice and became mad because I didn’t speak Spanish! The gall of her….disgusted! When I go to Mexico, I bring a translation booklet as I respect the country’s culture and language. When I lived in Japan for seven years, I was learning the language. Don’t mistake me for a racist like the ultra racist groups like M.E.Ch.A. and La Raza. So I’ve already called and sent written letters to my Assemblymen Shirley N. Weber and Senator Ben Hueso as to my opposition to this illegal and unconstitutional overreach of State Government. I am calling Gov. Brown as soon as I finish this post.

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