Fresno Brown Berets circa 1969

Fresno Brown Berets. Catarino "Gato" Hurtado, who passed away on February 12, 1977 was the founder of both the Fresno Brown Berets & La Raza Unida Party.

1st chapter of the Fresno Brown Berets. Catarino “Gato” Hurtado, who passed away on February 12, 1977 was the founder of both the Fresno Brown Berets & La Raza Unida Party

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  1. Antonio Perales says:

    I am not going to bitch to you about the disgustingly stupid, narrow-minded and bigoted sexist/homophobic machistas that I have encountered everywhere in our varrios, and naturally in our activism the late sixties, and later, and now, nor will I dwell on the poorly advised notion of “hero-izing” that wannabe-Che, Mr. Hurtado, who was clandestinly holding “revolutionary training” in his home, and sucked-in the stupidest clowns in the Valley, just before he died, to their grief and expense to their families. But I will offer you some good advice: You had better be on your feet about when to jump off of the Steve Santos bandwagon. It is not about my political differences with him. He simply has none. He”s a clever copy-cat, and always has been.You had better keep in mind that I am his older brother, and I understand better than you the real Steve. It is not sufficient to describe Steve as a lier. The correct way to put it is that he lives an enormous lie, or better yet he lives a complex web of crude, unrealistic and destructive ideas about his rights versus the rights of others. He knows how to play “good guy”, “family oriented guy”, veteran activist guy, and certainly “successful socially and economically guy”. He only stole the house that Mom had given me, along with gaining control of all her bank accounts, and the money she had saved from my younger disabled brothers many checks, of course he looks good. He has spent a thousand on a whore, of course to brag about it. knows how to construct a cult-like following. And he has been a pilferer all of his youth, into middle-age, and as a seventy year old. An example: he demonstrated the proclivity to redistribute things, usually goods, or money, or objects, and keeping them, or giving them to someone really needy,but merely to feel good about looking good (generous). To give one example of many, my grandmother gave me the wind-up clock that awoke my gramps and uncles to get up and go pick oranges for the man. It disappeared. He had given it to a Fresno State Chicano studies director. I never got it back. But forget the small stuff, his big coup was taking advantage of my unsuspecting parents all of his life. Two years before he died my step-father figured it out. He clued Mom, but she had always been putty in Steve, and then Stan’s hands. When I left the Army I left that God-forsaken red-neck Fresno and supported my self elsewhere, me the “undesireable faggot”, the somehow bad-guy. While Steve and Stan, two “real men”, remained tied to Mom’s bank-book all of their lives. If you are such a patriarchal-role-model and “on top” of things as a “proper”Mexican-American/Chicano Hombre who plays a leading rôle in the varrio–then you had better keep an eye peeled for when to disassociate from this baboso pendejo con complejos graves, quien es nada menos que profesional en su disimulación. Y bien psicótico. By the way, I would be surprised if Risco has anything more to do with Steve, because I clued him in, he knows I’m not putting him on. Unless I miss my guess, Risco does not want to sully his own image.

    • Teodoro Lucero Haro says:

      Stop! Sniffling Carnal! Build A bridge & get over it! Overcome those thoughts ese, Take it from an O.G who knows betrayal, injustice, oppression, wrongful incaceration, discrimination,highway robbery & death. Focus on the things for your future no matter how short it seems. remember blood is thicker than water, and love is thicker than blood. ( OSO ) Primo to Corky Gonzales, member of The Land Rights Council, Brother to a former Brown Beret, Activist till the day I DIE! VIVA LA RAZA !!!!

  2. Ceejay "Che" says:

    From fresno California wanna be a brown beret can anyone contact me please

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